Efficient logistics is a crucial part of the smooth running of the business. Logistics is an important part of supply chain management that is utilized to design and control the flow and storage of goods and services required to fulfill the client’s requirement.

The logistics industry is growing at a fast pace and fleet management is an inseparable part of it. It is difficult to imagine a successful logistics business without proper fleet management. This industry involves the movement of goods from one place to another.

Thus, any kind of disruption can lead to a delay in the work and leave behind unsatisfied clients.

A proper GPS tracking fleet management comes with loads of benefits. Let’s look at a few of them-

Save on operating cost– Investing in a GPS monitoring system or a fleet management system can be a great purchase for your business. As GPS trackers, help you to determine the shortest route for your vehicles which in turn helps you to reduce fuel consumption and save tons of money.

Benefits of using Fleet management software in the logistics industrysafety Fleet Tracking tempo travellers

Live Fleet Monitoring– This feature helps you to monitor your transport 24/7. You can track every moment of your vehicle. It helps you to watch over any unethical activity and track the progress of the delivery throughout the travel.

You can have a live data report to understand the time taken to reach a certain destination. You can also keep this for future reference for time estimation and also to understand the drivers driving habits.

Save on Time– “Time is money” and logistics businesses understand this well. It is very common for vehicles to get stuck in traffic and get delayed. With the help of a GPS fleet management system, the fleet managers would be able to guide the drivers to bypass the heavy traffic roads.

Improved Client Experience– A happy client/customer is supreme for any company. On-time delivery of goods and services builds clients’ trust and assures long term business with you. When the client is satisfied with your business, he would recommend you to others as well.

Automation of Vehicles– Regular vehicle maintenance allows you to save both money and time.  It is crucial for the smooth running of vehicles. GPS monitoring systems are equipped with high-level telematics features like vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicators, etc.

The fleet management software will help you to interpret when an inspection is needed. This again aids you to save time and money as you don’t need to get the vehicles to a mechanic for a routine inspection.

Benefits of choosing fleet management software from UniGPS solutions

UniGPS logistics vehicle tracking provides live tracking, precise and detailed reports which help to optimize the performance of the vehicle. The efficient vehicle tracker with the intelligent routing system presents real-time notifications, geofence entry/ exits, information of driver’s behaviors in case of overspeeding, rash driving, etc.

UniGPS solutions fleet management systems help to increase your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by decreasing 30% of operational cost, 20% fuel cost, and increasing 20% fleet utilization.

To increase the safety of logistics vehicles, UniGPS solutions has introduced unidashcam. Unidashcam comes with a live tracking feature that allows you simultaneously to get information on operators driving style and road conditions.

If you are still not using vehicle tracking for your logistics business, you’re lagging.