GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing

GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing

GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing

GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing
GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing

“GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing”

The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has created panic amongst several people.

Over the past few days, we have witnessed a sudden spike in the active cases, thanks to the leniency of people, reopening of schools, and restarting of Mumbai local trains.

The virus spreads quickly by the droplets coming out from the nose and mouth of the infected person.

In such scenarios, proper quarantine and monitoring of already infected people become crucial to curb the virus spread. Many patients need to be transferred to different locations by ambulances.

Monitoring of these ambulances by the traffic police ensures safe distancing with the faster movement of the vehicle inside the city. The real-time global positioning system-based vehicle tracking app is helping the traffic police to recognize the ambulances carrying the COVID-19 patients and assure their distancing from the public.

The GPS tracking technology for vehicles has gained popularity since the launch of the online taxi or cab booking system of Ola, Uber, etc.

GPS technology is an inseparable part of many businesses and is used to track both commercial and personal types of transport. It helps to track many important features like the vehicle’s real-time location, driver’s habits and patterns, geo entry and exits, fuel monitoring, Panic button (SOS alerts), trip details shared with family, and many more.

In this pandemic situation, GPS monitoring system has been a boon to many. This technology has the potential to be tweaked to help the hospitals and traffic police to monitor the flow of the ambulances carrying COVID-19 patients in the towns and cities.

With the lockdown been relaxed and life turning to normalcy, the frequent traffic jams have become common again and are inevitable especially in the metros like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai, etc.

Due to traffic congestion, transporting COVID-19 patients between different locations fast could be a challenge. The location information of the ambulance carrying COVID-19 patients can be useful for the traffic police to clear the congested area so that the ambulances can reach the destination and help in faster relocation of the patients.

Even after sanitization, the ambulances carrying COVID-19 emergencies may have traces of the virus on the interior as well as exterior surfaces of the vehicle.

The new England Journal of medicine claimed that the virus can survive on plastic, stainless steel, and glass for more than 2-3 days. They also mentioned that the virus droplets can survive in the air for up to 3 hrs if someone has coughed out in the air.

Hence, adhering to safety measures is crucial.

An android app has been developed to achieve this purpose which can be installed in the mobile phones of the driver of the ambulance as well as the traffic police.

This app provides real-time location tracking of the ambulances carrying COVID-19 patients. The in-built GPS of the app pinpoints the location of the device and uploads the location coordinates to the real-time database.

Many APIs and Google services are used by the app to achieve this objective.

UniGPS fleet tracking system has been playing an imperative role to save lives in this pandemic situation.

Through its intelligent routing system, it helps the emergency medical services to provide the crucial pre-hospitalization treatment on time hence saving valuable lives.

UniGPS Solutions Ambulance Tracking Features-

  • Choose the Nearest Ambulance: Here you can find the nearest Ambulance and Admin can assign an Ambulance that is nearest to the patient’s location of emergency by using on-demand Intelligent routing in uniGPS Fleet Management System.
  • Trip Report -Send Real-Time SMS Alerts and Data to Hospital staff: Trip Report will provide the complete information about over speeding, stoppages, route history notifications through SMS and email in real-time and also the system will generate the whole day report, through this easily you can take action and decision about the driver.
  • Panic Button-SOS & alerts: When the SOS button is pressed, the device automatically sends a text message and alerts to managers or admins mobile. So that admin can communicate with the driver quickly and can take immediate action.
  • Multiple Admin Access facility
  • Trip Share to end patient’s family anxiety through URL link for live tracking by email/SMS (Just like OLA/UBER)
  • Analytical reports
  • Ignition On / Off reports
  • Trip Recording and Replay
  • The geofencing facility at start and destination locations
  • On-Demand reports (downloadable in CSV format)
GPS Tracking App for Police to Track Ambulances Carrying COVID-19 Patients for Ensuring Safe Distancing
What Is Toll Tax and What are the Toll Tax Rules in India?

What Is Toll Tax and What are the Toll Tax Rules in India?

What Is Toll Tax and What are the Toll Tax Rules in India?

What Is Toll Tax and What are the Toll Tax Rules in India?
What Is Toll Tax and What are the Toll Tax Rules in India?

“What Is Toll Tax and What are the Toll Tax Rules in India?”

Most of us are knowledgeable about the Toll taxes that are charged on the state highway and national highway by the Indian government for gathering funds and their maintenance.

Toll tax help to accumulate funds and are necessary to provide infrastructure. They also ensure that the expense of road safety and security is taken care of, as highway robberies are on high in many parts of India.

Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has said that the usage of GPS (Global Positioning System) will ensure that India becomes a “Toll Plaza Free” nation in the next two years.

He also said “The toll collection may touch Rs.34000 crores by March 2021. With the usage of GPS for toll collection, the income in the next five years will be 1.34 trillion.

What is Toll Tax?

Toll tax is the amount you pay to the Indian Government to use the expressway or the highway anywhere in India.

This money is used by the Government to construct roads, highways and develop connectivity between the states.

A highway or expressway is a suitable way to travel between different cities and states. The toll tax rate changes across different highways and expressways across the country.

The amount is based on various factors like the distance of the road, the vehicle you are traveling, and so on.


Toll Tax Rules in India

Before moving to the other rules, let us look at the latest toll tax rule in India

FASTag Mandatory–  Starting 15th February 2021, FASTag has been made compulsory for all the vehicles passing the highway or the expressway.

This step has been taken to reduce the vehicular traffic at the toll plazas. The Government of India has made the electronic toll payments mandate in all toll plazas across India.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is easy to use, a reloadable tag that allows the automatic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without waiting for the cash transactions.

FASTag is linked to prepaid accounts like Paytm from which the appropriate toll amount is deducted.

FASTag is issued by certified banks like ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, PNB, KMB, SBI among others on POS (point of sale) locations.

You can get FASTag at the office of toll operators at the toll plazas, some selected petrol pumps, the regional office of NHA, banks’ websites, or even online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm Mall. 

Let’s look at few other toll plaza rules in India

Vehicles– As per the toll tax rules, there cannot be more than six vehicles per lane on the tollbooth during peak hours.

Lanes/Booth– The number of toll lanes/booths should ensure that service time per vehicle during the rush hours is 6 seconds per vehicle.

The Number of Toll Lanes– The toll lanes have to be raised if the maximum waiting time for the vehicle exceeds 2 minutes.

Conclusion– Make sure to pay the toll fees and use FASTag as the vehicles without tags would have to pay a double toll fee. Stay aware and careful.

Contact UniGPS Solutions for all your GPS Tracking needs.

Toll Tax in India
Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business safety logistics trucks supply chain trailer 18-wheeler troller M&HCV Const ICV Truck Light Truck M&HCV Cargo ULTRA Yodha Pick-up Ace Gold

Key Roles Fleet Management can Play in your Construction Business

Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business

Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business safety logistics trucks supply chain trailer 18-wheeler troller M&HCV Const ICV Truck Light Truck M&HCV Cargo ULTRA Yodha Pick-up Ace Gold
Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business

“Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business”

It is a misconception amongst people that when we talk about vehicle tracking system, it is mainly needed in the shipping and freightage companies.

However, we want to expose the myth. Even the businesses that have a permanent setup and stock-still assets, like a construction company, can become a keen GPS tracking services user.

With fleet tracking, you can ensure that your vehicles and equipment are put to use as per their schedule in the right way.

You can be worry-free about your equipment’s going missing or being abused. 

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is a practice of running commercial vehicles like cars, trucks, etc to ensure supreme vehicle utilization, less fuel consumption, and regular maintenance. Fleet managers also guide the drivers to improve fleet safety.

In the industries such as construction, fleet management can involve asset tracking. It also includes the management of heavy equipment like cranes, bulldozers to smaller equipment like containers, generators, or specialty tools.  

Fleet management aims to boost productivity, maximize performance along with the safety of organizations drivers and vehicles.

This is often achieved by a combination of various factors like vehicle tracking, fuel consumption report, monitoring of driver’s behavior, and administration of vehicle maintenance. These multiple functions are managed using a fleet management system. 

Benefits of tracking construction vehicles with UniGPS

  • 24/7 Vehicle tracking Anywhere AnyTime in Real-Time
  • Avoid / Reduces misuse of machinery
  • Less loading and unloading
  • Site entry and exit time
  • Information on over-speeding drivers
  • Information on unscheduled stoppages
  • summarised management reports

Contact UniGPS Solutions today to get business solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring.

How can Fleet Management Help your Construction Business?

The construction industry suffered a rough patch throughout the pandemic period and as a result, fleet operations too suffered a lot. Although things seem to get back to normal, it still needs to ride through the changing landscape.

The technology can help lessen the cost of the construction fleet operations, alleviating safety risk, while still trying to keep the projects profitable.

As most of the big Indian players in this sector operate on a net margin of 2-4%. This need is vital. 

As mentioned above, fleets in the construction industry have a mix of large and small equipment (from heavy cranes, bulldozers, loaders, trenchers, pickup trucks to generators) and frequently need to be used at odd hours in rough conditions with no compromise on safety measures.

There are many concerns seen on the construction sites like

  • Who’s using the equipment and for how long?
  • How much cost does it take to run the equipment?
  • Am I running it legally and following all safety measures?
  • Are drivers using the vehicle for personal use?

There are endless questions that the admin has to consider. So, let’s unlock few benefits of using fleet management and see how it can contribute to construction business growth

Stay a Step Ahead from Theft– 

In today’s world, theft is quite common. Using the GPS fleet management system is one the best way to avert robbery. The GPS monitoring system, not only informs you about your vehicle’s location but also sends out a notification if anyone tries to burgle the vehicle or equipment.

Improved Productivity

Construction works largely depends on teamwork. A digitally combined fleet management system requires efficient communication of almost everything on a regular basis.

You are communicating about your daily fleet operations, progress, upcoming responsibility, and so forth. Construction equipment is expensive and has to be well-maintained to avoid unnecessary breakdown.

Plus, if the equipment stops working, it may delay the project due to the lack of a particular vehicle or equipment to complete the job. Through the fleet management system, you get regular service reminders, control fuel levels, and monitor unsuitable activities. 

UniGPS Solutions have been a market player for a long time. To improve the safety of construction vehicles, UniGPS Solutions introduced UniDash Cam with a live tracking device.

In case of accident/ equipment mishandling, it records the event and shows details like drivers behavior, driving habits, etc so that the opposite party cannot unfairly extract money from you even if it was their fault.


Location GPS navigation, Character on the phone. Isometric

Asset Tracking System- Why is it Crucial For Your Business

Every business wants to save both money and time. Tracking the assets becomes an essential part in this. The right asset tracking techniques helps to lower your administrative costs, increase productivity, improve your customer service, and expand your business with ease.

Asset tracking system updates you about the valuable assets you own, its exact location and condition of the asset and also gives live alerts via SMS and email if the asset needs urgent attention.

Asset tracking requires lots of manual work hence usage of asset tracking software saves lot of time. A smaller company may be able to track the assets manually however it is a tedious task for a bigger organization to track every physical asset on a manual basis. So, an asset tracking system becomes a must.

The assets can be traced easily through bar codes, RFID or GPS tags etc, irrespective of the location you are in. Hence, it is a suitable way to ensure the accurate tracking of all the physical assets of the business.

An organization can have several assets and they can primarily be divided into 2 categories- tangible assets that include- servers, laptops, computers, vehicles etc and intangible assets which include contracts, goodwill, copyright etc. 

The loss or damage of these assets can incur huge loss to the companies.

Location GPS navigation, Character on the phone. Isometric

Asset Tracking System Benefits

Asset Life is Enhanced

When any asset is purchased, it is done with an intent of generating income on a long term basis. Assets managers are aware of the significance of keeping the assets in a running condition.

When the asset managers have the clear picture of the assets like how many assets are working, how many need a maintenance etc, then they can be strategized accordingly.

This assessment helps to understand where and how the costs have to be distributed. This also saves money, time and extends the life of the asset.


Everything Is Trackable

Any company must track and document their assets in detail. Asset tracking software makes it easy to track all kinds of physical assets and document them in one place.

The documentation includes details like owner’s contact details, terms of the contract, pictures of the assets and product guide.

On-time Maintenance

Sudden damage or fault in the product can add to an unnecessary expense. Through the asset tracking software, you can schedule a routine maintenance which would keep them in a good condition for a long time.

This can be done as a part of regular maintenance activity. It can be done at a certain period depending on the nature of the asset or the business.

Why Choose Asset tracking Solutions from UniGPS Solutions

The UniGPS asset tracking system can record the usage of the assets and generate various reports. The accurate information of the assets is given on the real-time basis so that you can allocate the assets to the user, departments, locations and also check the Check-in and Check-out process.

The tracking system also permits you to change the status like in-use, in-stock, out of repair, damaged or any custom status.

Benefits of Tracking the Assets from UniGPS

  • Safety of valuable assets
  • 24/7 Asset tracking Anywhere Any Time on Real-Time basis
  • Monitor Precious Assets
  • Theft protection
  • Preventing Assets misuse
  • Information on Assets
  • Locate your Assets
  • Providing excellent customer service
Benefits of using Fleet management software in the logistics industry

Benefits of Using Fleet Management Software in the Logistics Industry

Efficient logistics is a crucial part of the smooth running of the business. Logistics is an important part of supply chain management that is utilized to design and control the flow and storage of goods and services required to fulfill the client’s requirement.

The logistics industry is growing at a fast pace and fleet management is an inseparable part of it. It is difficult to imagine a successful logistics business without proper fleet management. This industry involves the movement of goods from one place to another.

Thus, any kind of disruption can lead to a delay in the work and leave behind unsatisfied clients.

A proper GPS tracking fleet management comes with loads of benefits. Let’s look at a few of them-

Save on operating cost– Investing in a GPS monitoring system or a fleet management system can be a great purchase for your business. As GPS trackers, help you to determine the shortest route for your vehicles which in turn helps you to reduce fuel consumption and save tons of money.

Benefits of using Fleet management software in the logistics industrysafety Fleet Tracking tempo travellers

Live Fleet Monitoring– This feature helps you to monitor your transport 24/7. You can track every moment of your vehicle. It helps you to watch over any unethical activity and track the progress of the delivery throughout the travel.

You can have a live data report to understand the time taken to reach a certain destination. You can also keep this for future reference for time estimation and also to understand the drivers driving habits.

Save on Time– “Time is money” and logistics businesses understand this well. It is very common for vehicles to get stuck in traffic and get delayed. With the help of a GPS fleet management system, the fleet managers would be able to guide the drivers to bypass the heavy traffic roads.

Improved Client Experience– A happy client/customer is supreme for any company. On-time delivery of goods and services builds clients’ trust and assures long term business with you. When the client is satisfied with your business, he would recommend you to others as well.

Automation of Vehicles– Regular vehicle maintenance allows you to save both money and time.  It is crucial for the smooth running of vehicles. GPS monitoring systems are equipped with high-level telematics features like vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicators, etc.

The fleet management software will help you to interpret when an inspection is needed. This again aids you to save time and money as you don’t need to get the vehicles to a mechanic for a routine inspection.

Benefits of choosing fleet management software from UniGPS solutions

UniGPS logistics vehicle tracking provides live tracking, precise and detailed reports which help to optimize the performance of the vehicle. The efficient vehicle tracker with the intelligent routing system presents real-time notifications, geofence entry/ exits, information of driver’s behaviors in case of overspeeding, rash driving, etc.

UniGPS solutions fleet management systems help to increase your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by decreasing 30% of operational cost, 20% fuel cost, and increasing 20% fleet utilization.

To increase the safety of logistics vehicles, UniGPS solutions has introduced unidashcam. Unidashcam comes with a live tracking feature that allows you simultaneously to get information on operators driving style and road conditions.

If you are still not using vehicle tracking for your logistics business, you’re lagging.


The Future Scope of GPS and Tracking

The Future Scope of GPS and Tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) is much more than just the means of finding a way while commuting. It fulfills a much higher purpose than finding the fastest route. They help you to monitor crucial parameters like speed, trip distance, geo-fencing, real-time tracking among others.

GPS trackers have paved the way for both automobiles like cars, trucks, buses as well as personal safety devices like GPS tracking smartwatches. They are easily trackable via smartphone or laptop keeping you tension-free.

Trackers are small with technological advancement, tend to grow and improve. The future of GPS tracking looks extremely promising and we can expect some interesting advancement in this area. Let’s look at what the future holds for GPS monitoring systems.


Compact Size and Longer Life Span– Compact GPS devices are smaller than a cell phone but the experts predict that continuous development may shrink the sizes of these devices further.

The size of the tracker depends on the battery, while a thumbnail-sized receiver can be improved, it needs to be big enough to accommodate the battery. As the battery technology unfolds, in the future, we may be able to see GPS trackers getting smaller in size.

These days, the best trackers can go up to 30 days without a recharge but to go longer, extended battery packs may be needed which provide up to 6 months of uninterrupted usage.

AffordabilityGPS trackers are no longer a luxury reserved for big organizations and government agencies. The low price points have brought it within the reach of small companies and even individuals. GPS vehicle tracking is a must for every business and the raised productivity and efficiency make it a value for money.

They are immensely useful for both the professional and personal front. As per their requirements, different sections of people can be catered through the affordable price range. The devices are getting compact yet powerful. Hence, this is the best time to invest in GPS tracking solutions.

Extensive Usage– Past few years have seen a considerable rise in businesses turning to GPS technology, as an effective way to manage their transports, employees, and assets. GPS fleet management systems allow enterprises to access driver’s performance, vehicle maintenance to providing other necessary inputs like live vehicle tracking.

As the crime rate increases with each passing day, GPS trackers give a sigh of relief for parents. Trackers ensure the safety of your loved ones- be it children or elderly family members. Parents rely on these trackers to keep a watch and control their inexperienced young teenagers’ reckless driving.

Importance of UniGPS Trackers

UniGPS solutions have gained a reputation for providing end-to-end service to the clients in the promptest and efficient manner with their GPS tracking systems.

The vehicle tracker with its intelligent routing system provides alerts, reports, and notifications on a real-time basis about over speeding, geo fence entry and exit, etc. It updates the admin about upcoming vehicle maintenance reducing the instances of a transportation breakdown. 

The safety of his/her family members is of utmost importance for a person. UniGPS smartwatches come with valuable features like auto feature answer, SOS button alerts, and more. Through the voice


How to Choose GPS Fleet Tracking System- Things to Consider

GPS tracking system has gained extensive popularity in the last decade. Operations of businesses have revolutionized and running a fleet of vehicles is no exception to this. 

GPS fleet tracking system is like a virtual guide of the vehicle. It helps you to monitor different aspect of the vehicle without you being physically present and ensures that it is running efficiently and drivers are being responsible. 

The basic function of a fleet tracking system is to track the vehicle but it is vital to choose the right quality GPS solution. The major difference between the good GPS system and a low-quality one is the type of data transmitted and the way it is transmitted to the server. 

Amongst several providers and options, choosing the right GPS tracking system is a tough task. Every business faces its own challenge from driver’s accountability to safety to efficiency. Making a list of hurdles you face, will help you to choose the right GPS fleet management system.


Few important features of GPS management system are mentioned below: –

Real-time Tracking System Vs Passive Tracking System- In the real-time tracking, in-built satellite or cellular modem is used to track the GPS. Based on the predetermined frequency, it updates the data to the server on the regular basis.

The frequency of the update can vary between 15 sec to once in a day, depending on the arrangement. Continuous update of data minimizes the risk of data loss.

In the passive tracking system, all the GPS data is stored in the receiver unit which can be downloaded to the local server only once the vehicle returns to the headquarters.

The passive system collects the data in every 30 sec and can be downloaded to the server via wifi hotspot. The passive tracking system depends upon the frequency of information gathering and space available as a large amount of space is required to store the data.

Effective Dispatching– In business, time equals money hence prompt availability of information is essential for any business. Real-time solutions can help in effective dispatching.

The system allows you to monitor the status of the vehicle, location of the driver etc. It helps to take well-timed action during an emergency and allows smooth day-to-day operations.

Voice Instruction- Looking at the visual location maps frequently for inputs can be difficult and unsafe especially while driving. So, it is better to select a cloud-based GPS option that provides voice instructions.

It ensures the safety and permits you to keep a track of your fleet performance. 

Why Choose UniGPS Trackers

UniGPS solutions have been dealing with technologically advanced GPS tracking solutions for almost a decade now. The efficient vehicle tracker with the intelligent routing system presents real-time notifications, alerts, and reports. It also gives crucial information about overspeeding vehicles, geofence entry and exits etc.

The GPS fleet management systems also remind the admin about upcoming vehicle maintenance which helps to save money and assures that vehicles are maintained properly and run for a longer duration.

  1. UniGPS solutions fleet management systems help to raise your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by reducing 30% of operational cost, 20% fuel cost and increasing 20% fleet utilization.

Through, real-time tracking, vehicle travel information is sent to admin on an immediate basis which helps in reduction of time wastage and secures fast resolution.

2. The SOS panic button built in the tracker allows the driver to inform the admins about any unforeseen incident or unplanned delay on an immediate basis. In case of any mishaps like vehicle breakdown, the arrangement of an alternate vehicle or any equivalent solution can be taken by the admin.  

3. A historical report can provide immense benefits to the fleet management companies especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles to track. UniGPS real-time locating systems help the companies to monitor the fleet real-time and improve their ROI and productivity.

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GPS Tracking for Cars

uniGPS Live Tracking for Cars

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Benefits of using Fleet management software in the logistics industrysafety Fleet Tracking tempo travellers

“What is AIS-140 Vehicle Tracking System?”

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted drastically on Car rental industry because travel volumes in cities dropped dramatically.This pandemic is stressful and also it can cause anxiety,fear, panic in many people.During this pandemic drivers should drive the car responsibly.Drivers behaviour about hygiene,rash driving ,stoppages,routes etc will impact on your business.So in this situation GPS live tracking system plays an important role to attract the customers and also can provide safety environment for customers as well as drivers.

1. Why do you need unigps tracking for cars??

uniGPS live tracking for cars plays an important role in rental business.If you are on a trip ,it shows the shortest route through intelligent routing.Admins or manager can monitor driver behaviour for the safety of customers and drivers and also can increase the productivity of the business with peace of mind.

vehicle Tracking for 24/7 :

Trip Share :To end customer/client/parent through URL link  for live tracking by email/SMS (Just like OLA/UBER)

AC Sensor :GPS devices connected to your AC sensors- trigger alerts when AC is switched On /Off in the vehicle. Over usage or misuse of AC results in increased fuel consumption, you can prevent misuse or wastage of AC by drivers in vehicles. 

Engine Cut off :uniGPS Tracking software offers that you can start or stop the vehicle, without your permission vehicle won’t start.

Fuel Sensor :Fuel sensor is a device designed to make accurate measurements of fuel level in vehicle tanks. This technology is designed to track real time fuel level, consumption, refilling and downfall. In case of refilling fuel or drop in fuel level without any vehicle movement, immediately it sends the alerts, notifications through SMS or email. This ensures that the owner or fleet manager can monitor driver’s behavior. This fuel sensor will be applicable for heavy commercial vehicles such as Trucks, Lorries, Tankers, buses and also for equipment like generators, excavators etc.


Harsh Brake Sensor:The accelerometer technology that has made detection of sudden acceleration and harsh braking events. There are several good reasons to monitor hard brake events. Excessive hard braking can cause vehicle brakes to overheat, reducing their useful lifespan, damaging the metal components or glazing brake pads and making them less effective. Minimizing these hard brake events can improve both your fleet safety and profitability
#OBD Sensor: OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) will continuously monitor the electronic sensors of engines and emission control systems, including the catalytic converter, while the vehicle is being driven to ensure they are working as designed. An OBD system detects a problem, before symptoms such as poor performance, high emissions or poor fuel economy are recognized by the driver. Early detection helps to avoid costly repairs and improves vehicle emissions. Admins / managers can communicate with customers to provide an accurate time for arrival. The customer can be kept informed of potential delays even before the arrival time.

Door Sensor : Door sensor-Vehicle door status detection:Door sensor is a magnetic switch composed of 2 magnetic parts and wireless signal emitter. It is widely used in the security area to detect illegal open or movement of doors, windows and drawers, etc. Door sensor is compact size and designed with metal cover, by connecting with a GPS tracker, it can detect the status of vehicle doors, windows and bonnets.

2. How GPS Tracking Enhances Business?? 

# GPS Tracker guides their routes and destination

# Easy to communicate with drivers

# Reduce fuel cost

# Improve safety of customers and drivers

# Geofence entry and exit

# Emergency -SOS button

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What is GPS Tracking and How does it work??

What is GPS Tracking and How does it work?

Benefits of using Fleet management software in the logistics industrysafety Fleet Tracking tempo travellers

“GPS plays an important role in our personal and professional life.It helps to find out where you are and where are going and gives detailed report of your journey.GPS helps you to figure out your location along with that it starts tracing other factors like speed,time,trip distance,geo-fency,estimated time of arrival(ETO) etc.So these days GPS devices are used in cars, trucks,buses, boats,construction equipment,smartphones,laptops and shoes.”

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a very essential element of global information infrastructure like Internet.It  has become part of our daily life due to their widespread use in a range of applications in the field of farming, construction, mining, surveying, package delivery, and logistical supply chain management, Major communications networks, banking systems, financial markets, and power grids depend heavily on GPS for precise time synchronization.

Today, GPS is a multi-use, space-based radionavigation system owned by the US Government and operated by the United States Air Force to meet national defense, homeland security, civil, commercial, and scientific needs.This GPS Technology was originally used for military purposes.   This GPS provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services. GPS is a navigation system using satellites, a receiver and algorithms to synchronize location, velocity and time data for vehicles and assets. This GPS or  geotracking unit is a navigation device normally carried by a moving vehicle or person or animal that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device’s movements and determine its geographic position. 

GPS device receives GPS signal or information and coordinates.The recorded location data can either be stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to an Internet-connected device using the cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analysing the track later, using GPS tracking software. This data tracking software is available for smartphones with GPS capability.This GPS device has large memory to store coordinates. Signals received from GPS will transmit to the central computer through SMS or GPRS.


Importance of uniGPS Tracker:

GPS plays an important role in our personal and professional life.It helps to find out where you are and where are going and gives detailed report of your journey.GPS helps you to figure out your location along with that it starts tracing other factors like speed,time,trip distance,geo-fency,estimated time of arrival(ETO) etc.So these days GPS devices are used in cars, trucks,buses, boats,construction equipment,smartphones,laptops and shoes.

# Fleet management at Anytime Anywhere in real time

# Real time Tracking

# Intelligent routing

# Insights into driver behaviour

#Low operating cost

# Speed information – It Generates if the vehicle travels at a speed higher than your specified limit. 

#  Maintenance Status Alert – Select any vehicle to schedule service and keep track of maintenance requirements

# Geo-fence Alert – It generates whenever a vehicle enters a restricted area or leaves the perimeter of a location or boundary you have specified

# Ignition On / Off Alert – An alert is generated whenever the ignition is turned on or off.

# Stoppages Alert – It generates whenever the vehicle is stopped longer than a time limit you have specified.  You receive alerts and notifications in case your vehicle has started or stopped.

GPS is a tool used for navigation and position tracking.Its a fantastic tool in 21st century and in future GPS appears to be great technology in the world.Initially GPS developed for military use but now GPS is part of everyday life.There are a lot of applications of GPS covering almost every domain.

Benefits of using Fleet management software in the logistics industrysafety Fleet Tracking tempo travellers
1. Structure of GPS
GPS architecture is comprised of three segments:

GPS Space Segment:

It refers to the functionality which is supported at the satellite end.GPS Space segment consists constellation of satellites transmitting radio signals to users.The United States is committed to maintaining the availability of at least 24 operational GPS satellites, 95% of the time.GPS constellation is mix of old and new satellites.GPS satellites fly in medium Earth orbit (MEO) at an altitude of approximately 20,200 km . Each satellite circles the Earth twice a day.

GPS Control  Segment:

It refers to the functionality been performed by the stations on the earth which are acting as an interface for communication between the satellite .GPS control segment consists of a global network of ground facilities that track the GPS satellites, monitor their transmissions, perform analyses, and send commands and data to the constellation.

GPS User Segment:

It refers to the GPS message receiving device which is present with the receiver.GPS receiver is the User  segment of GPS.GPS receivers are composed of an antenna, tuned to the frequencies transmitted by the satellites, receiver-processors, and a highly-stable clock.GPS can save lives by preventing transportation accidents, speeding the delivery of emergency services and promoting the business growth . 

How does uniGPS Tracker work??


2. Learn more about GPS Tracking and how GPS Tracker works 

Nowadays GPS has become a crucial tool for emergency services, law enforcement officers and the monitoring of convicted criminals.GPS Tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network.Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is  observation of location, it helps us to know the vehicle,assets,person,equipment location at anyTime ,Anywhere in Real Time. The information that is gathered from the vehicle is then stored on the device. The data is then transmitted by using a wireless, or cellular network.GPS tracker has the components such as gps chip,antenna,gsm module,battery,pcb with os etc.Device uses gps chip and antenna to provide exact location coordinates from satellites .Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. GPS receivers track the exact location and also compute velocity and time.

GPS  control segment of the Positioning System consists of different tracking stations that are located across the globe. These control stations or monitoring stations help in tracking signals from the GPS satellites that are continuously orbiting the earth. Satellites transmit microwave carrier signals. The users of Global Positioning Systems have GPS receivers that convert these satellite signals so that one can estimate the actual position, velocity and time.  

GPS Tracking device can be placed in vehicle, assets, person, valuable things, which can either be fixed or portable unit.GPS gives information on exact location, speed and time.So GPS Tracking can be used by a company to monitor the route and progress of business and by parents to check on the location  of their child and also can monitor valuable assets.

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