Detect Fuel Theft, Refuel & Monitor Fuel consumption trends

Over the past few years, with increase in the costs of fuel, fleet managers in transportation, logistic and other industries have been concerned about usage of the fuel consuming resources. Besides, it is unfortunate that fuel theft, overfilling and draining impacts overall business and adds to the cost up to one-third of all fleet operating costs. 

FleetLytics, an IOT based GPS Fleet Management System from UniGPS, provides meaningful insights into fuel consumption via accurate fuel monitoring thus helping control fuel consumption thus leading to optimized usage of the fuel resources / vehicles.  This optimization in the fuel consumption can save upto 20-25% in overall fleet operating costs besides giving inputs to better planning and efficient execution of fleet operations. 

Live Real time Fuel Monitoring

One of the many reasons why a fleet owner implements GPS based vehicle tracking system for his/her long route trucks is to regain control over the expenses incurred on the road.

Unmonitored vehicles are left vulnerable to fuel theft, and the surveillance of fuel usage becomes critical to catching thieves in their act. 

FleetLytics provides fuel consumption trends in graphical format helping monitor fuel refill as well as giving options to detect fuel theft attempts.

Refuel Location & Time

Reful Location

Using FleetLytics, Fleet managers have transparency on fuel refill volume and obtain below vital information quickly:

  • How much volume of fuel was refilled? 
  • When & Where (exact location)? 

With this information they can plan their operations with greater precision and optimize fleet operating costs.

As you see in the top left picture, it is  easy to know when fuel refill was done, by how much volume and at which location. With FleetLytics,  you can find out the exact location where refuelling was done. 

Left below picture shows the exact location of the fueling station.

Fuel drain / theft Detection Analysis

Using the picture on the right top side, sudden drop in fuel consumption can be noted and using UniGPS solutions, route analytics and GPS Vehicle tracking mechanism, it is possible to detect fuel theft by following  below steps and as seen in the snapshots on the right side of this section. 

  • Change stoppage/idle time configurations select the time frame between sudden drop  and fuel level comes back to level but with slight reduction in fuel level.   
  • Please note the distance covered if vehicle is moving OR stoppage duration.
  • Click on red highlighted location tracking icon to see where Vehicle was stopped and for duration of the stoppage.  
  • After stoppage when vehicle resumed travel, you can note that the fuel volume is reduced.    

Using this information, fleet manager can clearly deduce that the fuel theft attempt was made including time and place of the attempt.

Fuel drain theft