UNIGPS – Universal GPS


You are expected to use the product as it is intended to use.  Any loss arising out of any tinkering you do, you are responsible for it.

Devices are not water proof unless explicitly mentioned.

Every device is installed for a particular vehicle and you should not install device in another vehicle without prior permission from our support.

Tracking solution works based on GPS signals.  In case of no signals or poor signals, you may not see the location of vehicle for that duration.

Location information is sent to our online servers using GSM network.  In case of no / poor GSM connectivity, you may find delays in seeing the information on the tracking portal.  We will do our best to store location information during no GSM data connectivity and send the information back to our server when GSM data connectivity is restored.

This tracking solution is not meant to be used for any mission critical purpose.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage arising out of any of our products usage.  You are required to analyse your own use and take appropriate action.

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