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Online Fleet Tracking & Management

Fleet Management plays a vital role in today’s world. Most businesses depend on vehicles to manage customers’ shipments delivery, inventory movement, employee transportation, school buses, sales field force tracking etc.

Primary benefits of using Online Fleet Tracking System in India is to gain control of operations thus lower the cost of operations. UniGPS Fleet Management platform provides critical MIS reports besides ability to Track Your Fleet Online in India and optimise the routing dynamically based on the target location.

Our executives work with clients to help them choose the right set of hardware amongst various Fleet Management System in India available and educate clients so that they get the best out of their investment.

Below lists the benefits of GPS based Vehicle Tracking System in India.

  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Improved Route Planning
  • Improved Employee Productivity
  • Improved Cost Control
  • Better insights into driver behaviour

Whether you have 1, 5, 10, 100 or 1000+ vehicles in your fleet, our UniGPS Platform is capable of scaling to any size of the fleet quickly.


"One of our regular customer wanted GPS tracking systems for his milk trucks. I approached Mrs. Deepti Kohli form UniGPS Solutions if she can help and referred the customer. After sometime I happen to talk to the customer again and found that the customer was very happy about the product and related support. UniGPS Solutions also trained my customer and his staff on usage & maintenance of the GPS product. They are very Knowledgeable & passionate about what they do. This gives me enormous confidence to recommend UniGPS Solutions to my friends and customers. Finally, I wish Mrs. Deepti Kohli and her team all the best."
Uttam Saha
Executive Director, Capex Finvest Services Pvt. Ltd.

How It Works

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