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Fleet Management

Fleet Management plays a vital role in today's world. Most businesses depend on vehicles to manage customers' shipments delivery, inventory movement, employee transportation, school buses, sales field force tracking etc.

Primary benefits of using GPS based fleet management is to gain control of operations thus lower the cost of operations. UniGPS Fleet Management platform provides cirtical MIS reports besides ability to track any vehicle in real time and optimize the routing dynamically based on the target location.

Personnel Tracker

Now a days, almost everybody owns a smart phone and sales executives are no exceptions.  UniGPS uses Android GPS phones used by Sales Executives to track and monitor the sales field force movements thus giving a better insights to Control Room to optimize gound staff and effectively manage client visits.

Using the geozones visited and idle time reports, sales manager can identify effectiveness of his team and thus design strategies to optimize his workforce schedules.

Kids Monitoring

In today's complex world, kids' safety is the prime concern that every parents have.  Our solution provides a great sense of safety as parents can track their kids and know their whereabouts any time any where.

UniGPS provides multifunction Kids Smart Watch.   This works seamlessly on Airtel,Idea and Vodaphone 2g package,supports GSM micro SIM Card, Two-way calls, SOS emergency call,GPS Tracker, Pedometer, Alarm Warning when taken off.  This is the best smart wristwatch for kids' safety.

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