GPS tracking system has gained extensive popularity in the last decade. Operations of businesses have revolutionized and running a fleet of vehicles is no exception to this. 

GPS fleet tracking system is like a virtual guide of the vehicle. It helps you to monitor different aspect of the vehicle without you being physically present and ensures that it is running efficiently and drivers are being responsible. 

The basic function of a fleet tracking system is to track the vehicle but it is vital to choose the right quality GPS solution. The major difference between the good GPS system and a low-quality one is the type of data transmitted and the way it is transmitted to the server. 

Amongst several providers and options, choosing the right GPS tracking system is a tough task. Every business faces its own challenge from driver’s accountability to safety to efficiency. Making a list of hurdles you face, will help you to choose the right GPS fleet management system.


Few important features of GPS management system are mentioned below: –

Real-time Tracking System Vs Passive Tracking System- In the real-time tracking, in-built satellite or cellular modem is used to track the GPS. Based on the predetermined frequency, it updates the data to the server on the regular basis.

The frequency of the update can vary between 15 sec to once in a day, depending on the arrangement. Continuous update of data minimizes the risk of data loss.

In the passive tracking system, all the GPS data is stored in the receiver unit which can be downloaded to the local server only once the vehicle returns to the headquarters.

The passive system collects the data in every 30 sec and can be downloaded to the server via wifi hotspot. The passive tracking system depends upon the frequency of information gathering and space available as a large amount of space is required to store the data.

Effective Dispatching– In business, time equals money hence prompt availability of information is essential for any business. Real-time solutions can help in effective dispatching.

The system allows you to monitor the status of the vehicle, location of the driver etc. It helps to take well-timed action during an emergency and allows smooth day-to-day operations.

Voice Instruction- Looking at the visual location maps frequently for inputs can be difficult and unsafe especially while driving. So, it is better to select a cloud-based GPS option that provides voice instructions.

It ensures the safety and permits you to keep a track of your fleet performance. 

Why Choose UniGPS Trackers

UniGPS solutions have been dealing with technologically advanced GPS tracking solutions for almost a decade now. The efficient vehicle tracker with the intelligent routing system presents real-time notifications, alerts, and reports. It also gives crucial information about overspeeding vehicles, geofence entry and exits etc.

The GPS fleet management systems also remind the admin about upcoming vehicle maintenance which helps to save money and assures that vehicles are maintained properly and run for a longer duration.

  1. UniGPS solutions fleet management systems help to raise your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by reducing 30% of operational cost, 20% fuel cost and increasing 20% fleet utilization.

Through, real-time tracking, vehicle travel information is sent to admin on an immediate basis which helps in reduction of time wastage and secures fast resolution.

2. The SOS panic button built in the tracker allows the driver to inform the admins about any unforeseen incident or unplanned delay on an immediate basis. In case of any mishaps like vehicle breakdown, the arrangement of an alternate vehicle or any equivalent solution can be taken by the admin.  

3. A historical report can provide immense benefits to the fleet management companies especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles to track. UniGPS real-time locating systems help the companies to monitor the fleet real-time and improve their ROI and productivity.