5 Things you didn’t know about child GPS watch

5 Things you didn't know about child GPS watch

For parents with young children, the world seems more like a scary place. Other than giving them proper guidance to their little ones on how to keep away from running into online threats, parents always express their great concerns about the safety of their children. In fact, there are several parents who buy a smartphone for their children without realizing fact that this device can be a difficult affair.

As an alternative, buying a child a GPS watch will provide much-needed relief to the parents. They don’t need to feel anxious about the safety and security of their children. Other than activity tracking or receiving notifications, these smartwatches provide GPS tracking.

Here are 5 unique things you probably did not know about the child GPS watch:

  1. Using a GSM Wrist Phone

When you get a smartwatch or GPS watch for your child, you say goodbye to all your worries. There is no need to send your little one with a smartphone in their pocket. Moreover, you don’t need to feel worried about the device being discarded or thrown away. However, there are some GPS watches that support GSM sim card. You can get an active SIM card inserted in the watch. So your child will have a phone (small-size) on their wrist. Odds are it will not slip from your child’s wrist.
One of the greatest thing about this watch is that it does not seem restricted to voice calls or text messages. There are some watches that let you lay your eyes on the surroundings as to what’s really happening close to the child.
Did we tell you that most of these watches come equipped with an auto-feature answer? These watches really play a vital role for those parents whose child is too small to answer on their own?

  1. Get Real-Time Location Information

In the market for some shopping? You would never want to face a situation when you suddenly realize that your child is nowhere to be found. You try yelling but don’t get any response.

We can understand that it sends shivers down your spines. But you don’t need to worry as these types of situations can effectively be dealt with by using a GPS watch. Make your child wear it on the wrist and you get the real-time information about where they are.

      3.  Emergency SOS Alert

Even though you would never want your child to land into problems, but it sounds natural that problems are a part of life. your child will face them every so often. When your child is in a problem, you, as a parent, would reach to their rescue. Not only will a child GPS watch save a child from any possible dangers lurking around, it will also send an alert to the parents that their child could be in a danger and that they need to take the action right away.

The child’s parents will be notified of the danger through the SOS feature. Make sure you explain to your child to press the SOS button if they feel frightened due to some reason or the other.

  1. Track and Record Activities

Do you what is the best thing you could gift to your child? Look no further than a tracking device that can keep track of steps your child takes during the day. This unique watch will help your child to get accustomed to doing activities. Of course, you want your child to stay fit and healthy. They will make the most of the activity tracking in every possible way. You just have to keep an eye on them relaxing at home.

  1. Create a Safety Radius

Is your child inside the yard, or in the middle of the road? With a GPS watch for children, controlling your child in a remote way will become a lot easier for you. So if your child crosses or goes beyond the predefined radius, you will be sent a notification instantly on your mobile phone. Now you can save your valuable time which you would otherwise spend looking for your child.

What are the features of a child GPS watch?

  • 0.96 inch OLED display

  • Edible silica gel

  • Footprints: record history route

  • App available in Android Platform

  • SOS phone call and alert

  • GPS location & real-time tracking

  • Voice monitoring: once the phone number confirmed, the watch will call the phone automatically while the user doesn’t know

  • Pedometer

  • Two-way phone call

  • GEO fence safety area

  • Watch removed and low power alarm

  • Setting no disturbing time when kids in class

  • Remote shutdown

No doubt their motive behind getting their children a costly smartphone is to know the whereabouts and can keep in touch with them via a text or call. But such devices costing an arm and a leg will create problems for them. That is the reason why parents are largely relying on the use of GPS watch for their kids.