Start your vehicle tracking business.  Become reseller now and earn huge margin.

What is Reseller And Why Should You Grow Your Reseller Business Through UniGPS

Reseller business can be a great opportunity if you are planning to enter the entrepreneurial market.

It is a great way for the first time entrepreneurs to expand their business idea.


What is Reseller and Why Should You Grow Your Reseller Business Through UniGPS

What is a Reseller Business?

 An online reseller business allows you to sell the products bought from manufactures directly to the customers.

As an entrepreneur, it allows for saving the cost of manufacturing products and makes it a great option of digital age entrepreneurs.

As a reseller, you act as a middleman between manufactures and consumers. 

It gives you the flexibility to start your business without the hassle of expensive inventory fees, high shipping cost and other additional costs.

What is Reseller and Why Should You Grow Your Reseller Business Through UniGPS

Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

Reselling is a newfound trend in the business world. There are many reasons to consider to become a reseller and thanks to the digitization, any one can become a reseller.

From lower business cost to easily sourcing, it is like a godsend for someone looking to enter the reseller market.

Few reasons are listed below: –

Reseller Business


No inventory needed– The best part about becoming a reseller is that you don’t have to carry a huge inventory however keeping some stock always helps.

You can pay for goods as in when the customer orders the products, making it great for new entrepreneurs.


Easier expandability– As a reseller, you can expand and explore multi-niche.

As you save a lot on bulk inventory, shipping and manufacturing cost, you can explore the online market plan to grow your product selection.


Time-saving– Time is the biggest commodity in today’s time.

As a reseller, you can start your business right away without waiting for the products to arrive.

You can add the products and contents on your site and start marketing them immediately.

As most of the process is automated, it helps you save and deliver products on time to the customers as you don’t have to package and ship stocks to the customers.


Cost-saving– The biggest roadblock that prevents people from starting their own business is the huge cost involved in running a business.

Unlike a distributor that requires a huge margin, becoming a reseller allows you to set your price.

You decide the inventory you want to keep, products you want to purchase, buy it at a fair price and sell it to customers ensuring your profits.

Why Join UniGps as a Reseller

Join UniGPS as a Reseller

Through the UniGPS reseller partner program, you can get a head start to you business

  • Through their own white-labelled portal, it is easier for resellers to manage their clients.
  • As a reseller, you have a liberty to purchase the device either from UniGPS or from the marketplace and later integrate it with UniGPS platform
  • Lucrative and minimum rates to join a reseller on UniGPS platform. The added advantage is that the platform is easy to learn.
  • Through UniGPS, resellers can get a customized report based on their vehicle tracking records. This may take a longer time or may not be possible with other GPS providers.
  • With self-service reseller dashboard, you can track many important parameters like the number of clients, the number of vehicles and their details per client, credit purchased and allocated to which client vehicle
  • The training modules and brochures make it easier to understand the products and their working eventually helping to make more sales.